EBF&P Potlucks Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, potlucks are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month
from Noon to 5 P.M.   50¢ donation covers paper goods, printing, etc.
PLEASE, we need your potluck food contributions to make this successful.
NO pets, NO smoking on premises, inside or out.  No red wine inside.
Please volunteer to help set up or clean up. Thanks!

October 8, 2017 Hali Hammer, 1609 Woolsey St., Berkeley, 649-1423. 3 Blocks S of Ashby, between California & King. Coordinators: Ernie Isaacs (510) 526-0711; Frank Fox & Karen Misenhimer, grandmahimer@aol.com .

November 12, 2017  Bob and Kathy Helliesen, 398 Vassar Ave., Berkeley,

 528-0334. Go up Marin, left on Spruce, left on Vassar. Coordinators: Roan Michaels roanmichaels@yahoo.com (650) 969-1599 and Jim Everett everettcj@comcast.net 650-969-1599

December 10, 2017 Susan Wageman & Charlie Fenton, 419 Euclid Ave., Oakland. From I-580 E or W exit Grand Ave. rt on Grand rt on Euclid Ave. Coordinators: Alan Smithline alan.smithline@gmail.com (510) 486-0809 and Sylvia Nielsen limabean2003@yahoo.com (510) 647-9735If you’d like to add yourself to our quarterly(-ish) email list, click here.

3 thoughts on “EBF&P Potlucks Schedule

  1. Hello there,

    Thank you all for the great fun and community spirit.

    Matt Small’s brother and the guy with brushes and cookie sheet.

    Take care,

    1. Susan, Sorry for the long delay in answering your question. I don’t check the comments often and yours just slipped through.

      Yes you can come to a Pickin Potluck and just listen! But I think you’d have an even better time bringing your guitar and play what you can–even if it’s only a couple of chords. Lots of folk at the potlucks are more than happy to help a newbie get started! I know several people who came a time or two and didn’t even open their cases!

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